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Church Support - Papua New Guinea

MECOC, the Melanesian Evangelical Churches of Christ, consists of more than 100 national pastors sharing the task of evangelism and church building. In early 2015, these pastors saw a revival in the Keram/Grass area of PNG as the Holy Spirit empowered young people to evangelise powerfully, prophesy, see visions and heal the sick. Yabru Jerry, Executive Director of MECOC, wants us to 'pray for lasting fruit of this revival movement'.

To support this, ICP builds up the capacity of local churches in a variety of areas such as evangelism and church planting, literacy work, and women's and children's ministries. The goal is for MECOC to be a self-governing and self-led indigenous church that has leadership capabilities for discipling followers of Jesus Christ.

Will you partner with us in building up the capacity of MECOC to sustain its ministry?

Read more about the 'Revival in the Grass' in the May 2015 edition of In Partnership.

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