"In partnership we can make a difference"


Global Mission Partners (GMP) is a Christian mission organisation committed to facilitating life-changing partnerships. GMP began work in 1891 and is a ministry of Churches of Christ in Australia.

GMP understands that mission must work with what God is doing and in partnership with local people. This means we focus on partnerships with churches and agencies overseas, linking them with partners in Australia.

GMP operates three programs:

International Church Partnerships (ICP), which conducts evangelism, church planting and ministry training projects across the world with local partners.

Churches of Christ Overseas Aid (COCOA), which conducts relief and development projects across the world with local partners.  COCOA has tax deductibility under the Overseas Aid Gift Deduction Scheme.

Indigenous Ministries Australia (IMA), which conducts indigenous ministry projects in Australia.


Linking people, churches and resources across nations.

GMP seeks to establish life-changing partnerships through:

Church Health: Supporting church development and health throughout God’s world including training and developing leaders.

Aid & Development: Committing to creative and sustainable overseas aid and development projects in the areas of literacy, water and sanitation, child-centred development, income generation, gender equality, community development, agriculture and education.

Advocacy & Lifestyle: Enabling Australians to take justice seriously through education, lifestyle change and advocacy for, and with, those in situations of injustice globally.

Go overseas: Facilitating opportunities for people and teams to serve in mission overseas.

Partnership: Developing partnerships with people and churches in Australia and with those overseas.

Prayer: Encouraging prayer as a central response as the good news of God’s love is shared.

Annual Reports

Legal Stuff

Legal Name:Australian Churches of Christ Global Mission Partners Incorporated
ABN Lookup:http://abr.business.gov.au/SearchByAbn.aspx?SearchText=30455408814
Australian Business Number:30 455 408 814
Registered Australian Body:313 880 825
Registered Office:114 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville, SA 5031


Gospel Centred: Expressing a Gospel of grace and showing a passion for Jesus and his Kingdom.

Committed to Sharing: Sharing Jesus’ love and grace.

Respecting People: Upholding the dignity of all people & respecting difference and diversity

Meeting Human Need: Seeking to meet human need, spiritual and physical, because people matter

Working for Lasting Change: Addressing root-causes and advocating for our partners

In Partnership: Working in partnership in Australia and overseas to empower and strengthen those with whom we work

Seeking Interdependence and Maturity: Resisting paternalism and committed to interdependence, seeking to build church communities to maturity

Demonstrating High Standards of Practice: Displaying high standards of practice and transparency in decisions, and cooperation with other churches, agencies and regulatory bodies

Mission Principles

Empowerment: We seek to empower partners by respecting their cultural presentation of the Gospel and to work with them in enterprises that strengthen local leadership, and that encourage growth, maturity and independence of local churches.

Partnership: We partner with overseas churches and Christian organisations in response to the invitation of such bodies and welcome local church mission teams and individuals who desire to serve overseas.

Respect: We respect overseas partners and seek not to impose standards or ways of operating that are not appropriate within the partner’s world view and economic capability. Through our partnership and sharing in mission we learn, grow and seek to be transformed.

Responsibility: We do not take on the responsibilities that rightfully belong with the local churches and structures of an overseas partner.

Transparency: We require mutual accountability that will ensure that assistance given is used for the purposes to which we and our partners agreed.

Context: We take seriously the local context of mission and generally do not provide financial support for aspects of local church life that are the responsibility and privilege of the local church. The church in the local setting is best equipped to monitor the effectiveness and integrity of its life.

Justice: We respect the rights of those with whom we are in mission. We seek to minister with a transparent Christian ethic. We seek to listen to the concerns of our partners and are open to advocate on their behalf about issues of concern to them. We pay attention to the environmental, social, cultural, economic and political issues that our partners face.

Why trust Global Mission Partners?

Global Mission Partners is a member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and a signatory of the ACFID Code of Conduct. The Code requires members to meet high standards of corporate governance, public accountability, and financial management. More information about the ACFID Code of Conduct can be obtained from ACFID at: www.acfid.asn.au.

GMP also links with other Christian mission organizations through Missions Interlink.

Global Mission Partners is incorporated in South Australia and managed by a board of competent volunteers drawn from churches across Australia. Our Celebration of Mission and Annual General Meeting is held each October.

Global Mission Partners operates the “Churches of Christ Overseas Aid” (COCOA) fund to which gifts over $2 are tax deductible under the Overseas Aid Gift Deduction Scheme.

To read the Constitution of Global Mission Partners, Click Here


Australian Churches of Christ Global Mission Partners Inc, known formerly as Australian Churches of Christ Overseas Mission Board Inc, began in 1891 as the Churches of Christ Foreign Missions Committee.

'Partners, One Hundred Years of Mission Overseas by Churches of Christ in Australia 1891-1991' is available for $15. If you would like to receive a copy email your contact details to val@gmp.org.au.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why would a church use Global Mission Partners?

  • As a Church of Christ agency, GMP is accountable to Australian Churches of Christ
  • As a Church of Christ agency, Australian Churches of Christ have the ability to shape the mission of GMP
  • GMP has established relationships with Church of Christ partners across the world
  • Churches don’t need to set up their own partners and deal with church structures and hierarchies, GMP has already done that
  • Churches can have confidence that the overseas partner works with integrity, is effective and shares their core values
  • Church can engage in both evangelistic and church mission projects as well as community development projects through GMP
  • GMP’s community development projects are connected with our church mission projects so the gospel is preached in word and in deed together
  • GMP’s community development projects are tax deductible
  • GMP can help your church build a relationship with an overseas partner so that global mission becomes personal
  • GMP’s community development projects are creative and responsive to the needs in the most needy areas of the world
  • Through GMP your church can be involved in a quality short term mission experience which opens up people’s horizons and engages them more deeply in mission here and overseas
  • GMP can connect your church with real and practical ways to be involved in advocacy and to take justice seriously
  • GMP can resource your church to find ways to live a lifestyle that reflects the state of God’s world and furthers God’s mission.

Our church doesn’t use Global Mission Partners, should we feel guilty?

  • GMP recognises that churches get involved in global mission through personal connections and personal connection is important
  • GMP aims to foster a global mission partnership for every church, whether or not the overseas partner is a Church of Christ organisation
  • GMP is happy to encourage global mission through whatever agency your church is connected with.

What are some bad ways to be involved in mission?

  • Use an agency that you don’t know anything about
  • Only give money and don’t find out who you are helping and how
  • Give people stuff that makes them look to you every year for more
  • Don’t consider how local people can be increasingly involved in shaping the direction of mission in their own country
  • Send Westerners to do mission without considering local needs, culture and aspirations.

What are some bad ways to give money overseas?

  • Take money with you and hand out cash
  • Give to the needs that you see without asking anyone local for the big picture
  • Give so you can get your photo taken putting a smile on someone else’s face

What are some good ways to give money overseas?

  • Use a reputable agency like GMP
  • Get GMP to do the transfer so you get a better exchange rate and better security for your money
  • Get GMP to do the transfer and be assured that there are proper accountability processes in place
  • Make sure that you pay your way if you are being hosted by an overseas partner
  • Take time to think about where your gift can have the most impact and where you can be most involved personally.

What are some good ways to visit a partner overseas?

  • Eat the food they offer you and enjoy it and tell them that you are enjoying it
  • Bring a small Australian gift
  • Make sure you pay your way, particularly if you are given accommodation, food or transport
  • Learn a bit of their language and use it even though you sound silly
  • Watch the way that they do thing and try to fit in and do things their way
  • Don’t suggest new ways of doing things until you understand why they do it the current way.

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