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  • In Partnership - March 2017

    7 March, 2017

    Welcome to In Partnership.

    This month is an exciting time for the GMP network. For the first time, a group of our partners from 11 nations will meet together in Chang Mai, Thailand. Every one of our international partners will be represented, and take part in an exciting event called ‘Partnering Together for Stronger Communities’. The focus will be learning together around community development, whilst sharing cultures, experiences and stories.

    “The expectation that God is at work is the source of our hope as we plan this training program. As we look to the future we see possibilities and potential. We believe that what we see and hope will come about, as we trust God to do more than we can imagine through our work.” – John Gilmore.

    Also in this edition, you’ll meet Philip Neyava, President of Tanna Island Church of Christ Council Vanuatu (CCCV). He is a young man with a heart for God and his community, and is passionate about leading and growing the local churches on Tanna. You'll also hear from Janet Woodlock about the recent World Convention Global Gathering held in India. Janet shares her experiences with us, about visiting some GMP partners such as Ashwood Memorial hospital and Shrigonda Girls’ Home. 

    All this and more in this edition of In Partnership!

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    Hope and Lasting Change

    This month something will happen for the first time. Over 30 people will gather in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and be part of a 10-day program called ‘Partnering Together for Stronger Communities’. Every one of GMP’s international partners will be represented. The same basic program has been offered in Australia in 2015 and 2016. 

    It will be an exciting event! Imagine how it will be when people from 11 different national cultures and many more subcultures, with diverse life experiences, gather to explore ways of working together for the sake of others.

    I Went Empty and Came Back Full

    Philip Neyava, President of Tanna Island Churches of Christ Council Vanuatu (CCCV), is a young man in his thirties with a heart for God and his community. He is passionate about leading and growing the local churches on Tanna. Phillip has been the Island President for about six years. During this time, he has never attended any of the CCCV meetings due to the expense of travel and the difficulty in getting there. GMP invested in the future of this young leader, providing him with the opportunity to attend the annual CCCV conference in 2016. 

    Over 100 members of the Vanuatu Church Councils attended the conference. Philip said, “It is not just about the conference that we attended but about new experiences, new relationships, strengthening, encouraging, and knowing we are united in the widely separated islands of Vanuatu.”

    Mustard Seed Faith

    In January, a team of 13 people from around Australia went on a trip to attend the World Convention Global Gathering held in Damoh, and to visit GMP’s partners in India. Janet Woodlock, Federal Coordinator for Churches of Christ in Australia, shared some of her experiences: 

    “Our first stop was Daund, where we visited the Shrigonda Girls’ Home and Ashwood Memorial Hospital. The first Australian missionaries in Daund set up a tent under a tree over 100 years ago to begin ministry in the area. What a sacrifice it must have been in that era! Like the mustard seed of faith in the Bible, it has grown into a huge tree of fruitful ministry.