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  • In Partnership - July 2017

    4 July, 2017

    Welcome to In Partnership.

    This month's edition has a special focus on NAIDOC week. The theme of NAIDOC week this year is Our Languages Matter, and to celebrate we have collected stories and reflections from some of our Indigenous Australian Partners. In his reflection, GMP Executive Director John Gilmore speaks about strong relationships being built on curiosity and a desire to understand one another – and how NAIDOC week is a reminder to continue understand, appreciate and affirm Indigenous Australians.

    “NAIDOC Week prompts us to seek a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, the culture and experiences of Australia’s Indigenous people. This month we affirm Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements, and we recognise the contribution that Indigenous Australians make to our country and to our society.” – John Gilmore.

    We hope you'll enjoy hearing these stories and continue to pray for and support Indigenous Ministries this NAIDOC week and beyond. 

    Also in this edition, Collin Scott continues his Series Changing the World without Leaving Home, and we hear about Pastor Doan's first trip from Vietnam to Australia, and her visit to Happy Valley Church of Christ.

    Those stories and more in this edition of In Partnership!

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    To Hear, To Listen, To Know

    The following excerpt is from the WARRUWI embody prayer resource, written by Billy JANGALA Williams. Unless otherwise stated the language words in this article come from the Gamilaraay people of northwestern NSW:

    Winanga-li (win-un-gar-lee)
    To Hear, To Listen, To know

    The original custodians knew what it meant to listen. Silence was seen as an important practice, because how could you know if you didn’t listen? All Gamilaraay learning concepts revolve around the ears. To listen is to learn.

    The Dareton Youth and Community Centre

    The Dareton Youth and Community Centre is a positive, culturally safe space where a crew of approximately 20 young Indigenous people hang out after school every day. The community centre is going from strength to strength with the new manager, Ilker Deli, who is supported by Jacqui Pasquale and the team from the Wentworth Joint Parish. In the last nine months, we decided to strategically separate the work in Dareton into two distinct areas, namely the Community Pastor (Kevin Tucker) and the Youth and Community Centre. This has helped better define local governance issues, as well as aiding in defining roles and responsibilities.

    Greg Gardner and the Martu Men

    Greg Gardner and a team of Christian Martu men from Hedland Aboriginal Fellowship (HAF) have been involved in an outreach ministry to several Martu communities in the Pilbara over the last three years. I have been to two of their home meetings and have been blessed to see the people gather to worship God.