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  • Going Deeper - May 2017

    16 May, 2017

    Dear Friends, 
    Welcome to the May edition of Going Deeper. Thank you for your prayers and support for our partners. It is greatly appreciated.

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    Hosanna Ministries, Kiron Gaikwad


    Praise God: 

    • For His provision, protection and presence during the academic year 2016-2017.
    • For COCOA and all your help to complete the construction work of the Phase 3 classrooms. 

    Pray For:

    • Protection for the children, their parents and staff from sunstroke. Already about 10 people have died from sunstroke in central India.
    • Daniel and Smita – that God will use them to bring light to many people as they lead our new projects. They have successfully completed the Partnering Together for Stronger Communities course in Thailand.


    Christian Church Theological School of Indonesia (CCTSI), Hery Susanto


    Praise God:

    • That three people were baptised at Karang Ombo.
    • That the accreditation process is complete.
    • For the students who have returned from their year of ministry placement.

    Pray For:

    • CCTSI’s recruitment of new students who are willing to serve God. 
    • Septi and Lili who will be sent to South Sulawesi for their one-year ministry placement.
    • The religious regulations in Indonesia. Pray for the unity and strength of the Christian community, Muslims and the Indonesian government.
    • A new church planting community development project that is still in the design stage.

    South Sudan 

    Christian Mercy International, Deng James


    Praise God:

    • For the Churches of Christ communities, and the love and commitment you show to us.

    Pray For:

    • Nyibol Deng Dut to recover soon. 
    • Paulino, who is studying at school.
    • The students, teachers, cooks and the security guards in the school. 
    • The Churches of Christ to grow across South Sudan.
    • Our visitors who come to see us in South Sudan.


    Bright Solutions, Fiona Briers


    Praise God:

    • For an increase in interest and volunteers working with Bright Solutions. 
    • For initial contact with Capital Aid Fund for Employment of the Poor (CAFEP), a not for profit agency, equipping the poor with microfinance projects.  

    Pray For:

    • Purposeful and fruitful partnership together with CAFEP in sourcing women for work, developing social enterprise strategies, and training Bright Solutions women in financial management.
    • Effective openings into local international education centres and communities. 


    Khayelihle Children's Village, Vimbai Vuma 


    Praise God:

    • For being with us, and helping us to continue caring for the children despite the economic challenges we face.
    • For the good health of the children.

    Pray For:

    • The dairy project, layers project, and horticulture initiatives – that they may be able to produce more to make KCV self-sustainable.
    • God to continue protecting the children from diseases brought about by the cold weather.
    • The reconnection program to run smoothly, and that all the reconnected children will be safe and looked after properly.
    • The children in the community orphan care program to be safe and looked after.

    Associated Churches of Christ in Zimbabwe, BJ Mpofu


    Praise God:

    • For the excellent rainfall and the good crops and harvest our nation received this year.
    • For peace in our country, that allows the church to minister freely.
    • For our evangelists and pastors, who are working in difficult conditions but are enjoying being in God's service.
    • For the peace we have in the face of the serious shortage of cash in our banks.

    Pray For:

    • Bambelela, the KCV youth pastor who has relocated to a rural ministry. This is a new situation for this young man who grew up at KCV. 
    • The Fort Rixon evangelists, Famalos and Sampson, who will assist Bambelela in his new role. 
    • Shacky who does excellent work, encouraging and working alongside the evangelists.
    • The poor in our villages who will suffer from the cruel winter that seems to have started early this year. The shortage of money in our country is going to bring untold suffering to many people.

    Showers of Blessing, Boniface Mpofu


    Pray For:

    • Showers of Blessing, as we drill five more bores in Insiza and Zvishavane districts soon. Please pray for abundant water for the communities who are currently accessing water from unprotected sources. 
    • The Rupemba community who are forming a development committee. This will lead to new development projects for the communities who live along the Ngezi River.