"In partnership we can make a difference"

Mission Principles

Empowerment: We seek to empower partners by respecting their cultural presentation of the Gospel and to work with them in enterprises that strengthen local leadership, and that encourage growth, maturity and independence of local churches.

Partnership: We partner with overseas churches and Christian organisations in response to the invitation of such bodies and welcome local church mission teams and individuals who desire to serve overseas.

Respect: We respect overseas partners and seek not to impose standards or ways of operating that are not appropriate within the partner’s world view and economic capability. Through our partnership and sharing in mission we learn, grow and seek to be transformed.

Responsibility: We do not take on the responsibilities that rightfully belong with the local churches and structures of an overseas partner.

Transparency: We require mutual accountability that will ensure that assistance given is used for the purposes to which we and our partners agreed.

Context: We take seriously the local context of mission and generally do not provide financial support for aspects of local church life that are the responsibility and privilege of the local church. The church in the local setting is best equipped to monitor the effectiveness and integrity of its life.

Justice: We respect the rights of those with whom we are in mission. We seek to minister with a transparent Christian ethic. We seek to listen to the concerns of our partners and are open to advocate on their behalf about issues of concern to them. We pay attention to the environmental, social, cultural, economic and political issues that our partners face.

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