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The End of Greed

The “End of Greed: Consuming as if God, People & the Planet Matter” is a 5 part book, small group Bible study and preaching series that will help you grapple with what it means to be a follower of Jesus in a consumer culture.

The End of Greed has been produced by Baptist World Aid Australia and is endorsed by GMP as a high quality discipleship resource for you and your community.

Bible Study Outline:

Each week, the Bible study is divided into three sections which explore:

1.            What is the issue?

2.            What does the Bible say?

3.            How can I live it out?

Each section is preceded by a 3-5 minute video segment from the DVD.

Topics covered include:

Stuff. Consuming as if God Matters

Consumerism and Christianity as competing visions of the good life and how we can embrace the way of Jesus.

Generosity. Consuming as if People Matter #1

How consumerism militates against generosity and how we can become the extravagantly generous people God calls us to be.

Justice. Consuming as if People Matter #2

The ways people in developing countries are exploited making the goods we consume and how we can treat them justly.

Care. Consuming as if the Planet Matters

The impact consumerism is having on the environment and how we can recover biblical stewardship.

Kindness. Consuming as if Animals Matter

The impact of consumerism on animal welfare and how we can live out a biblical response.


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This material has been reproduced with the kind permission of Baptist World Aid Australia.