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Thailand Overview

Quick Facts

Population: 67 million (2013 est.)

Capital: Bangkok (7 million)

Population growth: 0.52%

Life expectancy: 74 years

Languages: Thai (official)

Population under 14 years of age: 19.2%

Religion: Buddhist (95%), Muslim (4%)

Human Development Index Ranking: 103

Living below the poverty line: 8.1%

GDP Per Capita: $5,480 (US)

History of Churches of Christ in Thailand:
GMP formally signed a new partnership agreement with the Church of Christ in Thailand in September 2012. This partnership opens up new opportunities for increased relationships in mission and for volunteers to work in schools and medical facilities.

Thailand is located  in South-East Asia, situated on the Gulf of Thailand.  It has the distinction of being the only South-East Asian nation that has never been colonized by Western powers, effectively becoming a buffer state between competing French and British interests in the Indochina region. The Thais can trace the origins of their country back to the 1400s. In 1932, a bloodless coup occurred, ending Thailand’s time as an absolute monarchy and establishing its first constitution. The Kingdom changed its name from ‘Siam’ to Thailand in 1939. Although now a constitutional democracy, reverence for the monarchy is still strong, and it is illegal to criticize the King.

Thailand’s economy took a hit during the Global Financial Crisis, but by 2010 had rebounded to its fastest annual growth in almost two decades, although it again dipped with the catastrophic floods of 2011, which particularly impacted the manufacturing sector.  Bouyant tourism and government investment are significant contributors to Thailand’s economic growth.

Projects in Thailand

Church and Leadership Development 

Church of Christ Thailand (CCT) District 11, with whom GMP partners, has a passion to reach the hill tribe community of Plang people. Despite being considered 'stateless' by the government of Thailand and working on minimal wages, the Plang church is growing. The young churches of Thailand need well-trained leaders to help nurture them to maturity.

More on support Church and Leadership Development here

Klong Toey  

In 2002, Urban Neighbours of Hope (UNOH) first moved into Bangkok’s largest and most notorious slum called Klong Toey. The team chooses to live and work in one of the poorest communities in the city, believing that simply by loving and intentionally serving their neighbours they can be instruments of healing and hope. COCOA works with UNOH to open up a wider range of options for the residents of Klong Toey who are encouraged to be agents of further support, not just a beneficiaries.

More on Klong Toey Slum here

CCT Chickens

GMP is partnering with the  Social Development and Service Unit of the Church of Christ in Thailand. Their community-based chicken farming intitative is bringing skills and income to poor community members in northern Thailand.

Learn more about CCT Chickens project.

Church-to-Church Partnerships 

  • Northam Church of Christ in WA
  • Cambelltown Church of Christ in NSW

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