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Indonesia - Church and Leadership Development

There are more than 280 Churches of Christ churches and church planting projects in Indonesia. Living in a predominantly Islamic society, there is a great need for leaders and pastors in these churches to be trained and supported well. GMP’s partnership in Indonesia focusses on two training colleges – the Asia Pacific Christian Mission International (APCMI) School in Bandung and the Indonesian Church of Christ Theological School (CCTSI) in Salatiga - whose vision is to train church planters and equip young people to follow Jesus.

The students at CCTSI are passionate about Jesus and seeing the Gospel being shared with lives around them. They undergo 4 years of training and during this time are challenged to undertake ministry in rural areas, spending weekends travelling to village settings where they build relationships, share their faith, assist local churches and begin the process of planting new churches. These students demonstrate a different way of living to communities which adhere to animistic beliefs or are caught up in drunkenness and gambling. After graduating, students are further supported through a one-year ministry program in the field and are mentored by local ministry leaders and CCTSI staff.

ICP helps to nurture churches to maturity and provides support to plant new churches by mentoring church leaders, subsidising student college fees and assisting students with the costs of travelling to their rural church planting and ministry settings.

You can extend the hand of support to our close neighbours through one of these projects: 

Church Support - Indonesia


ICP helps nurture the churches in Indonesia to maturity, provides support for new churches plants and mentors pastors and church leaders.

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Training Student Pastors - Indonesia


Sponsor a student like Derek to study at APCMI School in Bandung or CCTSI in Salatiga and build up a new generation of passionate church planters in Indonesia.

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