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Bangladesh: Church and Leadership Development

The Bandarban Hills Churches of Christ (Bangladesh) have a strong desire to reach out to the Mru people, a predominantly unreached people group in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. The Bandarban Hills Churches reach out to the Mru through preaching, through providing education, and also through song! They are determined to see Christ formed in the Mru – most of whom are Buddhist or animists. There are over 20,000 Mru people living in this part of Bangladesh, and there are 16 Churches of Christ determined to reach them with the good news that they themselves have experienced. There have been professions of faith and baptisms among the Mru due to the outreach ministry of the Churches of Christ.

In 2014, the Bandarban Hills Church of Christ celebrated the opening of a new church building at Era Village, with 11 people being baptised the very next day! A new evangelist/school teacher has settled permanently here and is engaging with the community through children's education and adult Bible classes.

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Reach the Mru community with the Good News!

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