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India: Ashwood Memorial Hospital


Ashwood Hospital was established by Australian 

Churches of Christmissionaries in 1927 and was handed over to local leadership in 1971. It is a 40 bed hospital in rural India providing quality and compassionate care to thousands of patients each year, many with very limited incomes. Superintendent Dr Philemon Pawar, along with more than 30 staff, also serves those living in the villages within a radius of 50kms around Daund, Maharashtra.



Integrated Diabetic Clinic and Foot Care Project

Ashwood offers the only mobile diabetes detection program in the local region. Their emphasis is on prevention, early detection and control. Free blood sugar tests are offered through the screening program.

Ante-Natal Check ups Project

Pregnant women in rural areas often neglect their health resulting in higher mortality rates. Blood pressure problems and anaemia often go undiagnosed. The mobile clinic makes regular check-ups accessible without forfeiting a day’s wage.The mobile clinic makes regular check-ups accessible without forfeiting a day’s wage to attend.

HIV/AIDS Support Group Project

The HIV/AIDS program at Ashwood developed from the urgent needs of many patients arriving at the hospital with HIV/AIDs related conditions. An integrated Counselling and Testing Centre provides free kits for HIV testing. A strong support group with a drop-in community centre has also been established. A key focus is on education and vocational training. Bereavement support and counselling is offered for families losing members to AIDS.


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India - Ashwood Hospital