"In partnership we can make a difference"


Global Mission Partners believes that taking justice seriously is a key aspect of global mission. Through education, lifestyle change and advocacy for, and with, those in situations of injustice globally we hope to facilitate life-changing partnerships that impact the lives of Australians and those overseas.

We hope the campaigns, resources and partnerships included in this section can serve you and your community in responding to and acting on some of the issues that God’s world is facing today.

Global Mission Partners is a partner organisation of Micah Australia, working to inspire and equip all Australian Christians to work together to advocate for justice for people in poverty - and expressing this cooperation in advocacy as an integral part of Christian faith.

More info ... colin@gmp.org.au.

We're for Australian Aid

The last three budget revisions have seen the Australian Aid budget reduced to less than 1% of GNI, bringing it to its lowest level ever.  We believe God wants us to be generous with our wealth (2 Cor 9:11).  Addd your name to the Campaign for Australain Aid to help wrest the slide.

Voices for Justice 2015 - Save the date

Voices for Justice, Micah Australia's annual gathering and advocacy event, will be 10 - 13 October 2015 in Canberra.

Voices for Justice is a unique experience of worship, workshops, training and political engagement. It's a rare opportunity to gather with Christians from all parts of the country to grow deeper in understanding God's heart for justice, be informed on critical issues of global poverty and put faith into action by representing the world's poorest people in Parliament.

More info ... colin@gmp.org.au.

Stamping Out Slavery

Success! After three years of campaigning, Rivers have committed to stamping out the use of forced child labour in their supply chain!  Read the full story here

More Resources on Advocacy and Lifestyle

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