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Thailand: Church and Leadership Development


Located roughly 50kms west of Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, lies the District of Nakhon Pathom. In the city, there is a Christian hospital and a Christian University. Here you can also find a mixture of small churches, in both the urban and rural settings of this Province. The churches are generally quite poor, especially in the rural areas.

One of the churches in the province was established by a hill tribe community who are 'stateless' people according to the government of Thailand. The Plang people have come to this area in order to work on the orchid farms that supply markets in Bangkok. Their monthly wages are minimal. Despite their poverty and their difficult legal status, the Plang church has grown and is in the process of planting another church in the province. Their energy and dynamism is seeing people come to know Jesus.

ICP supports pastors in Church of Christ Thailand District 11 in the Nakhon Pathom Province. We are support programs that provide support for planting and establishing new churches.

Help nurture the churches in Thailand to maturity and support the Plang people in reaching others in their community with the good news of Jesus!

Church Support - Thailand


ICP is committed to supporting pastors in Church of Christ Thailand District 11 in the Nakhon Pathom Province and the planting and establishing new churches.

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