River's are removing child labour from their supply chain!


The Rivers Story - Thank you!

Rivers have committed to sourcing their cotton outside of Uzbekistan! After nearly three years of campaigning, over 30 000 postcards, even more conversations, endless Facebook/Twitter/Instagram posts, we got there!

Thank you to everyone who has been involved. 

Check out the Sydney Morning Herald article here

Say thank you to Rivers. 

One of the best things we can now do, is thank Rivers for acting. Say thank you by emailing Clare Quick - ClareQuick@rivaus.com.au 

Your voice matters.

We have included the story of a flash mob we did at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne with Vetamorphus Victoria as part of the campaign to highlight how people have spoken out. Remember - every person who has signed a postcard, posted on Facebook, spoken with friends or emailed Rivers has contributed to this campaign. 

Check out the video!


The Cotton Story