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Short Term Mission

Short term mission opens people up to a wider sense of the life of God’s Church. It is transforming for those who take part and encouraging for those in the places visited.

Short Term Mission can be focussed on practical projects such as construction or maintenance, or ministry based, such as working with churches or children.

Get in touch with your State Mission Mobiliser to start your own team or enquire about joining a team.

Teachers Needed at Ranwadi

Ranwadi Church of Christ College on Pentecost in Vanuatu is a well-regarded secondary school with boarding students from across the islands of Vanuatu. The school currently has an opportunity for volunteers to serve for a year as teachers of:

  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • English
  • Computing
  • Agriculture

For further details contact val@gmp.org.au

Teachers needed at Londua Technical College

Londua Technical College (West Ambae) continues to provide educational opportunities for young people in secondary school.  Londua is seeking two volunteers to assist at Londua next year. There is the need for one academic and one technical staff member. Londua's preference would be for a three year term with the opportunity for renewing that position in the future. They require qualified teachers to help upgrade the training offered at Londua.

Teachers needed at Ankoor Children’s Home, India

Ankoor Children’s Home includes the Gnyan Sampada School. They currently take students for Standards 1 to 5 and plan to add a grade each year.  The school teaches the children from the Home as well as others from poor backgrounds in the local community.

The school would really benefit from someone who could volunteer for six months teaching:

  • English
  • Computing 
  • Mathematics
  • Kindergarten (songs and rhymes especially)

Accommodation and food on site can be provided.
Best months to visit are July - January.
Contact val@gmp.org.au to follow up on this opportunity.

Vietnam Volunteers

Medical and Social Services Volunteers

There are many areas of need in Vietnam, particularly in the medical and social services fields.  Some hospitals welcome volunteer doctors and specialists to come for short intensive periods to offer free clinics and surgery to disadvantaged Vietnamese. Running training clinics and workshops for local doctors in specific areas of expertise are also possibilities. Social Workers are also a new area opening up in universities; lecturers and/or workshop trainers are also areas that welcome exposure to contemporary practice. If you would like to enquire further about using your specific area of expertise to support community development in Vietnam, please contact val@gmp.org.au.

Vietnam – Bright Solutions' Intern

There is an opportunity for someone to work alongside Fiona Briers with the Bright Solutions' women. This person would be involved in developing relationships with the women and supporting them in their journey toward new life. It is a great learning opportunity for someone who is open to where God might lead them globally. A two or three month placement is envisaged but the length and time of year are negotiable. For further information contact val@gmp.org.au.

Australia – Bright Solutions' Distributor

Key to the Bright Solutions' Projects is empowering marginalised women by employing them to make products that are sold in Australia. Promoting these products in Australia is crucial in this process. The role of distributor would mean promoting the sale of Bright Solutions' products amongst churches, play groups, baby shops, fair trade shops and craft shops – anywhere you think there might be a market. We would love to see this happening all over Australia, but if you would rather take on just your state or region first that’s not a bad idea. Contact val@gmp.org.au for further information.

Opportunities for STM with Associate Partners

Medical Santo is in urgent need of volunteer medical staff of all professions for short term working trips offering humanitarian medical aid in Luganville, Santo, Vanuato.

Click here for further details.

Heartfelt Hope has some extra places for people who want to make a difference in Uganda.

Click here to find out more details about their January 2015 team.

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