Global Mission Partners

"In partnership we can make a difference"

Donation to International Church Partnerships (ICP)

Global Mission Partners is:

  • a servant to local churches in fulfilling their mission commitment
  • supporting international partner churches and their mission commitment
  • linking people, churches and resources across nations so that quality mission can happen
  • creating meaningful partnership in mission

We achieve this by being in partnership with churches in Australia and in ten countries around the world. Your church can make a general donation to our ICP projects and help with the ongoing development of churches around the world.

  • $150 per month will support one evangelist in Bangladesh
  • $290 per month will support 3 student pastors in Indonesia
  • $480 per month will support one evangelist in Zimbabwe

* Partner with us as a monthly donor. Call GMP on 1800 467 222 or select the monthly option when you checkout.

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