Global Mission Partners

"In partnership we can make a difference"

Dave Powell

My faith journey in mission was ‘kick-started’ after visiting Zimbabwe in 1997 and the blessing ‘May the peace of God disturb you’ given to me on my return. 

As a farmer’s son from Dalwallinu, Western Australia and from a Christian family, I have trusted Jesus as God’s Son and my Saviour since 1990. Now in remote indigenous community school chaplaincy, flying out from Derby to Noonkanbah and Millijiddee each week, a new level of meaning in ministry informs my life’s purpose with Jesus Christ.

A God-inspired restlessness in comfortable seasons of life and a desire to make a difference for those less privileged than myself led me through short-term mission journeys in Vanuatu, Fiji and Papua New Guinea where I have learned as much as I did in bible college and flight school. Phil 2:3-4 rang true about considering others better than myself and now I find, with God’s strength, I’m doing something about it!  I have learned that nothing is wasted in God’s economy, so I can enter this venture of flying and serving with Kate Appleby knowing that God is in control and that all I have learned so far will be useful in service to Jesus my Lord and those He loves.

I am attempting to change my part of the world with God’s love and the truth with the power of the Gospel lived out, an example to one life at a time.

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