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  • Going Deeper - May 2015

    19 May, 2015

    Dear Friends, Welcome to Going Deeper – May 2015. Thank you for your prayers and support for our partners. It is greatly appreciated. Australia Indigenous Ministries Australia (IMA), Please continue to support and pray for the families, leaders and churches within the 273 remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia facing closure by the Barnett State government. Ngardarb Francine Riches, recently admitted to the Victorian Women’s Honour Roll and a Churches of Christ Aboriginal leader in Melbourne, says "Having personally been through the years of exile as fringe dwellers in the nearby town of Derby I was one of the first Aboriginal people to resettle and get the One Arm Point community in the Kimberleys going and growing, starting from nothing. It was a real struggle but it is now a successful, thriving community—a thriving community that is threatened with immanent closure." Fiji Fiji Community Churches of Christ Please Pray for: The Vuci Rd… Read More
  • Going Deeper - April 2015

    21 April, 2015

    Going Deeper – April 2015 Dear Friends, Welcome to the April edition of Going Deeper. Thank you for your prayers and support for our partners. It is greatly appreciated. Australia embody Ally Jensen, the embody Queensland State Coordinator, is finishing up with embody in April, to volunteer overseas for 9 months. Praise God for: For Ally’s personal commitment and the way she has encouraged young Australians in advocacy, equality and justice. Thank God for her involvement with embody! Please Pray for: Ally as she embarks into the next 9-month season volunteering at a children’s home in Nepal, interning with Servants living in the slums of Kolkata, and finally visiting Zoe and Simon Cunliffe-Jones in Cambodia. Indigenous Ministries Australia (IMA),Tamworth Aboriginal Church of Christ Frank and Rose Johnson (pictured) have been in ministry for over fifty years, faithfully serving in numerous settings. Currently, both Frank and Rose are facing… Read More
  • Tejas and His Two Sisters

    14 April, 2015

    Tejas and His Two Sisters April 2015 Tejas and his two younger sisters, Pallavi and Aradhana, belong to the Kolam people group, one of the most primitive Hindu and animist tribes in India. Up until 50 years ago the community sustained themselves by hunting and relying on natural resources. In order to survive, many people relocated to find work in other locations around India. Tejas’ parents struggle to find work and to care for their children. Gnyan Sampada Residential School (formerly Ankoor Children’s home) is a blessing to Tejas and his two sisters. The children are provided with food, clothing, and an opportunity to study English. The School supports and makes a difference in the lives of many children living in the surrounding areas. Without education and support, children like Tejas and his sisters often become exposed and vulnerable to engaging in child labor. Tejas is appreciative of the support they receive: “We are grateful to the school… Read More
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