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  • New Beginnings at Kulai (Bangladesh)

    21 October, 2014

    The day dawned warm and overcast, much like any other autumn day in the Bandarban Hills. There was a sense of joy and reverence for those gathered at the local water hole near Kulai village. On Sunday, 12 October a dozen (primarily young) people stepped into the cloudy water to dedicate their lives to Christ through baptism. Their testimonies reflect the outreach ministry of Pastor Vanlian to the Mru. People are steadily coming to faith, bringing light and hope for those who are hearing the gospel for the first time. Seven staff work among the Mru community in a variety of settings. Together they are reaching out to eight local villages. Children and adults are responding to the opportunity to receive an education. The Mru Bible is the primary resource for learning to read and write and the basis for many of the songs they learn. Read More
  • Resurrection Life at Naceva (Fiji)

    21 October, 2014

    There aren’t many available chairs, but no one is complaining as they sit cross-legged on the floor. There is joy and fellowship shared together as a new group of Christians and seekers gather at Naceva, a farming community on the outskirts of Sigatoka, Fiji. It is amazing how one death has led to such life in this community. Shelly worshipped regularly with the Lomowai Church fellowship. Seeking work and the chance to be closer to her extended family, she moved with her family to Naceva late last year. In February her neighbour, a young Christian woman from a Hindu background, died during childbirth. Her husband was still a practising Hindu, but chose a Christian funeral for his wife. His dilemma was who to contact to organise a Christian service. He had no idea where to begin. So Shelly offered to call Pastor Muneshwar from Lomowai and ask if he would conduct the funeral. For Muneshwar it was a surprising and daunting request. Seeking support from his Korean missionary… Read More
  • Caring for Those with HIV (India)

    21 October, 2014

    The rate of HIV infection in India’s remote tribal groups is high. Medical care is not easy to access and the disease often goes undetected until it is too late. While the government provides free anti-viral medication for HIV+ patients, people living in the more remote regions cannot readily access the required medical diagnosis or treatment. The struggles of those who are HIV+ came into sharper focus for Kiron and Nalini Gaikwad on 11 September with the passing of Priscilla, a 9-year-old student at Ankoor Home. With her death, Nalini and Kiron felt a challenge from God to start a special project to help HIV positive patients. “Our focus would be to make medicine available to these patients and to provide them with a nutritious diet,” says Kiron, Director of Ankoor Children’s Home. “These medicines require a high dosage on a regular basis and need to be accompanied by a healthy diet.” They have a new campaign to provide access to the HIV… Read More
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