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  • In Partnership - October 2015

    6 October, 2015

    View the print edition here Celebration of Global Mission Accountability is a much-used word and an important one. We are accountable in so many ways for what we do. Accountable to God, to those we love and to our team members, friends and family. Healthy people welcome accountability and have little to fear from being accountable. It is not so different with ministries like Global Mission Partners. We are accountable and want to be accountable. This needs to happen in several ways. One of the most important relates to our reason to exist. Country Profile: Zimbabwe KCV to Bible College and Back Again! My young sister and I arrived at Khayelihle Children’s Village when I was 13 years old. My parents had passed away (father in 1993 and mother in 2003) and we were living with my Auntie. It was my Auntie who found out about KCV and took us there to live. KCV gave us a family, provided school fees and medical assistance. It gave us a home with brothers and… Read More
  • Going Deeper - September 2015

    15 September, 2015

    Dear Friends, Welcome to the September edition of Going Deeper. Thank you for your prayers and support for our partners. It is greatly appreciated. Indonesia Christian Church Theological School of Indonesia (CCTSI), Hery Susanto Pray for: The upcoming one year ministries to Kalimantan and Sulawesi. The ten students who are writing their thesis. Our nine new students to have a really strong vision to be equipped to work in God’s fields. The ongoing financial needs of the school. The staff as we prepare church planters to be sent all over Indonesia. The upcoming mission trip to Papua and Kalimantan. Papua New Guinea Pioneer Bible Translators, Martha Wade. Praise God: That the Mborena Kam team was able to complete the checking of the recording and the revising of the text of Luke. That Silas finally got better and broke the pattern of having boils. He is currently out on a patrol and I am looking forward to hearing what kind of interest he finds in… Read More
  • In Partnership - September 2015

    1 September, 2015

    Respecting People and Meeting Their Needs It is important when working with communities experiencing poverty to distinguish between welfare and development. Welfare is meeting someone’s presenting need without addressing the situation that has created that need. For example, we could buy someone a school uniform so they can go to school without asking why they can’t buy a uniform for themselves. Development seeks to equip a person or community to meet their own needs. When we do so we consider the background to the need and why it exists. Working in this manner leads to strategies to change the person’s circumstances for the long term. This might be through training, or supporting a community by advocacy, either on their behalf or with them. So to help with the school uniform we might provide sewing training, or help parents into employment, or challenge the department of education that only supplies uniforms for the dominant ethnic group. Country Profile:… Read More
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