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  • Making In-Roads at Fort Rixon (Zimbabwe)

    16 September, 2014

    Sampson has a heart for the lost of Zimbabwe. He recently opened a new preaching point at Nkankezi in the Fort Rixon district and has plans to commence at least two new churches this year. His motor bike is well-worn and an invaluable asset as he covers the country roads between the five established churches he has responsibility for as well as those just being planted. Sampson commenced ministry in November last year assisting Evangelist Famalos. The Fort Rixon district now has twenty six churches and Famalos was finding it difficult to carry the workload on his own. Sampson has proved to be a valuable colleague sharing the vision of seeing people come to faith in Christ. “Sampson is grateful to the Australian churches who provide for his upkeep,” says BJ Mpofu. “Keep praying for Sampson as he begins the challenging work of opening up new preaching points.” Read More
  • Dramatic Winners at KCV (Zimbabwe)

    16 September, 2014

    Entering an Arts and Theatre competition was a special highlight of the school holidays for the students at Khayelihle Children’s Village (KCV). Organized by one of the biggest theatre production companies in Zimbabwe, the KCV students competed with several other charity organisations in Bulawayo. The hard work put in by the KCV drama group paid off and they did well during the screening. They were very excited when their short drama won first prize for the best production team category. Tawanda Makovero also won the award for being the best supporting actor. “We are very proud of our children,” says KCV Director, Themba Nyoni. Read More
  • Tackling Topical Issues (Zimbabwe)

    19 August, 2014

    Members of the Associated Churches of Christ in Zimbabwe are looking forward to sharing together as a wider community this Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th August. Dave Altman, USA, is the guest speaker at this year’s Annual Conference. Dave was formerly a lecturer at the Zimbabwe Christian College in Harare, training pastors for the Zimbabwe churches. Other key speakers from across the country have been carefully selected for the workshops over these four days. They look forward to leading discussions on a variety of topical issues during this time of retreat and spiritual input. “Attendance on a good year can be as many as six thousand,” says BJ Mpofu. “Due to the economic downturn experienced in our country at the moment I expect the attendance to be around a thousand. We value your prayers.” Read More
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