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  • In Partnership - December 2015

    1 December, 2015

    View the print edition here Love, Compassion and Generosity A recent ‘Ted Talk’ by Dan Pallotta focused on charities in the US and is titled ‘The way we think about charity is dead wrong’. It is worth listening to on YouTube. He raises some interesting questions as he focuses on how we assess the effectiveness of charities. I do not agree with everything he says, but one point he makes stands out for me and has got me thinking. He says that charities should always be evaluated on what they do and achieve – since this is their purpose and why they were created. Country Profile: Australia The Tia Tuckia Community Tia Tuckia is a 6500 acre property roughly 30kms east of the South Australian town of Ceduna, not far from the beautiful and rugged coastline of the Great Australian Bight. For those who haven’t yet accomplished the herculean task of driving between Australia’s east and west coasts, Ceduna marks the approximate… Read More
  • Going Deeper - November 2015

    17 November, 2015

    Dear Friends, Welcome to the November edition of Going Deeper. Thank you for your prayers and support for our partners. It is greatly appreciated. GMP Staff Colin Scott and Brian Smyth will be visiting South Sudan until December 4. Pray for safety asthey travel in this volatile setting. Pray for health and for insight as they meet with our partners. Indigenous Ministries Australia Bunbury Aboriginal Christian Fellowship, Greg Little Praise God: For our new members. For the Sunday School. For Ron Cook and Warren Cargill for assisting the Church when Greg was sick. Pray for: The Bunbury Fellowship and its leaders. The Bible studies, and that God blesses these studies. People to grow and become more active in prayer. The Church building, which after ten plus years needs maintenance work. Pray particularly for a good electrician. Charmaine, who is leading a group every Friday teaching music lessons translated into the Noongar language. Please pray for the provision of… Read More
  • In Partnership - November 2015

    4 November, 2015

    At The Heart of Partnership What does the word ‘Partnership’ say to us? The answer is not found in a dictionary definition. It is not located in a formal and legal document that describes the relationship between people who cooperate and work together in a business or other activity. Relationships are the heart of our understanding of partnership. For GMP it is our relationship with partners in Australia and internationally that is at the heart of mission. Our work gathers all of us to be part of God’s activity in the world. We are connected as God’s children, united in what we are committed to and seek to work together in two-way relationships. Country Profile: South Sudan Hope For Emmanuel Emmanuel Children’s Program was started because many children lost families in the long war with the north – not just their parents but their whole families. Last year, because of the internal conflict in South Sudan, the number of children… Read More
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