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  • An Angel and Answers to Prayer

    18 November, 2014

    Angel is too young yet to understand how significant her dedication is. It marks a brand new beginning for her extended family. Angel’s Auntie Sangeeta approached Pastor David Reddy with a request for prayer for her grandmother, Saras, undergoing treatment for cancer and very unwell. Sangeeta, the only Christian in a Hindu family, had approached several other pastors with the same request and been declined because of the distance and fuel cost in accessing the home. Saras lived in a remote rural community. Travel away from the family home meant a 5km walk on a dirt road to a junction where they could catch a bus for the remaining 10km into town (still mostly on dirt roads). David was initially reluctant for the same reason as the other pastors, but also had a conviction that it was the right thing to do. He went with Sangeeta and prayed for her mother. Her strength returned, and although not yet healed of cancer, her general health improved dramatically. The family were then… Read More
  • Computers Transforming Life for Aweil Midwifery Trainees

    18 November, 2014

    A computer is an invaluable asset for any student midwife to assist with communication, lecture notes, assignments, exams and patient notes. Principal Joanna Amara highlighted the need for computers and a printer for the Aweil Midwifery Training School students in South Sudan. Discussions about the need for IT equipment began in March 2014. The school desperately needed a desktop computer and printer as a means of duplicating students’ notes, information and exam papers. The students were being trained in IT but each student needed a laptop to utilise these skills. It was agreed that all IT equipment would remain the property of the School on completion of the course. In South Sudan you can’t just walk into a shop to buy computers or have them sent in from another country. The only way to procure computers is for someone to bring them in from an international source. Various possibilities all fell through until the principal went home to Kenya for her holidays. She… Read More
  • Julia's New Appointment

    18 November, 2014

    In the rural region of Zvishavane, Zimbabwe, the need for quality Sunday School materials and trained teachers has been identified as a priority for local churches. Julia Rinopisa, who graduated from Zimbabwe Christian College in 2013 with a Diploma in Pastoral Studies and Christian Education, has been appointed to the new position of Director of Sunday School Teaching. Julia is currently working on a new standardized syllabus to be implemented in January 2015. BJ Mpofu is assisting her with the production of teaching materials to accompany the syllabus. BJ comments, “Julia’s main responsibility will be to train and mentor Sunday school teachers to ensure good teaching in the churches. This will definitely be a very useful development in the churches in this District.” Read More
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