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  • New Pastor for Nakasi

    17 February, 2015

    The dedication of Pastor David Satish and his wife on Sunday 8 February was a day of grateful celebration; the culmination of more than two years of prayerful searching for the appropriate appointment of a pastor for Nakasi Church in Suva, Fiji. The committee members gathered around and laid hands on the Satishs while Fiji Community Churches of Christ Director, Bruce Edwards, led in a prayer of dedication and thanksgiving. David draws on over 20 years of pastoral ministry in local churches in Fiji. Due to some of the challenges history has presented the Nakasi Church, the committee has requested an initial probation period of six months before finalising this appointment. “David Satish is a warm and enthusiastic addition to our team,” says Fiji Community Churches of Christ Director, Bruce Edwards. “Please pray for David and the Nakasi Church during this time, as a foundation of trust and relationship is laid, and hope and direction for the future begins to be built… Read More
  • Replicating Bright Solutions

    17 February, 2015

    It is both exciting and scary to realise that on the job training is complete and you are now equipped to move on and train others. One woman who has trained with Bright Solutions for over four years has now progressed towards financial independence as well as in handcraft and organizational skills. There is great potential for her to move on, build her own products and empower other women. Her goal is to emulate the Bright Solutions’ model with a small team of ethnic minority women living in impoverished conditions. The challenge will be finding an outlet for sales and marketing. “Nervous as she is, it is so exciting to walk with her on this step of faith,” says Fiona Briers, Bright Solutions’ Director. “As she continues to work out the logistics, I have agreed to her request to continue working with Bright Solutions for a further six months to cover her travel costs to the province for training and resourcing.” This lady plans to commence her… Read More
  • An Angel and Answers to Prayer

    18 November, 2014

    Angel is too young yet to understand how significant her dedication is. It marks a brand new beginning for her extended family. Angel’s Auntie Sangeeta approached Pastor David Reddy with a request for prayer for her grandmother, Saras, undergoing treatment for cancer and very unwell. Sangeeta, the only Christian in a Hindu family, had approached several other pastors with the same request and been declined because of the distance and fuel cost in accessing the home. Saras lived in a remote rural community. Travel away from the family home meant a 5km walk on a dirt road to a junction where they could catch a bus for the remaining 10km into town (still mostly on dirt roads). David was initially reluctant for the same reason as the other pastors, but also had a conviction that it was the right thing to do. He went with Sangeeta and prayed for her mother. Her strength returned, and although not yet healed of cancer, her general health improved dramatically. The family were then… Read More
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