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  • Tackling Topical Issues (Zimbabwe)

    19 August, 2014

    Members of the Associated Churches of Christ in Zimbabwe are looking forward to sharing together as a wider community this Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th August. Dave Altman, USA, is the guest speaker at this year’s Annual Conference. Dave was formerly a lecturer at the Zimbabwe Christian College in Harare, training pastors for the Zimbabwe churches. Other key speakers from across the country have been carefully selected for the workshops over these four days. They look forward to leading discussions on a variety of topical issues during this time of retreat and spiritual input. “Attendance on a good year can be as many as six thousand,” says BJ Mpofu. “Due to the economic downturn experienced in our country at the moment I expect the attendance to be around a thousand. We value your prayers.” Read More
  • Dreams Do Indeed Come True! (India)

    19 August, 2014

    Naresh Satgad can testify to fervent prayers being answered and the gift of miracles from an awesome God fulfilling some of his greatest hopes. Naresh grew up in the village of Lasina, India. Some of his best friends attended Gnyan Sampada School at Ankoor Home. He accompanied them to several Christmas programs held on campus; a time of joy and reprieve from a struggling home life. After completing high school, Naresh chose to become a teacher. Having achieved his Diploma of Education he discovered that gaining a teaching position wasn’t as easy as he had hoped. He was unable to secure work for two years. He often walked the street in front of Gnyan Sampada School and wondered about a job there. He was delighted to be accepted onto the teaching staff in July 2012. Attending the prayer and worship service became part of the new routine of daily life at Gnyan. Naresh started to read a Bible for himself. His conviction grew and last year he accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour.… Read More
  • A Village for Jesus (Bangladesh)

    19 August, 2014

    The very first church building at Era village has just been completed. Several pastors, evangelists and teachers came to help with the construction and celebration of this new worship centre. It is a multi-purpose building which also serves as the local school and clinic, as well as being home to Evangelist David Bawm’s family. It was quite an upheaval for David, along with his wife, four year old son and 9 month old daughter, to move 200 km from Theihkhiang to Era. David’s desire was to share the good news of Jesus Christ so that the Mru people might come to faith. Fifteen families (including 24 children) live at Era village. When David commenced his ministry there were no Christians here. He began with the children and then moved on to adult education classes, using the Bible as a textbook. He rejoices that all of the Mru at Era responded positively and put their trust in Jesus Christ. David continues to be involved in fulltime ministries among them and is also… Read More
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