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  • In Partnership - April 2017

    4 April, 2017

    Welcome to In Partnership. This month John Gilmore reflect on future perspective and acting in hope. “Christian faith is future orientated. We are invited to live our lives faithfully trusting in the guidance and present love of God. The prayer Jesus taught us has this as a clear emphasis: “Thy kingdom come – on earth – as it is in heaven.” –John Gilmore. Also in this edition, we hear about the recent Partnering Together for Stronger Communities conference, where 27 people, from nine countries, representing 14 different GMP partners came together to share, learn and encourage one another. It was a time filled with hope and excitement. We also hear from both Nick Wight, IMA Coordinator East, and Mitch Varcoe, embody Campaigns and Resourcing Manager, about their time at SURRENDER:17. Those stories and more in this edition of In Partnership! Read the Newsletter | Download the print edition | Sign up to receive In Partnership by email Found… Read More
  • Lives changed through the Gospel

    23 March, 2017

    Mr Hardi lives in Indonesia, and is about 70 years old. Last year, Mr Hardi met Patrisius, a young evangelist supported by GMP. Three years ago, Patrisius was called in a dream to minister in a community close to where Mr Hardi lives. They met during the Islamic fasting period of Ramadan, and they formed a good friendship. Patrisius would often visit Mr Hardi at his home to talk about many things, including their different faiths. During this time Patrisius began to tell Mr Hardi about Jesus. Mr Hardi began to say many positive things about Jesus, but he could not accept Jesus as Lord. Patrisius said, “No problem, it’s your choice,” and continued to pray for Mr Hardi. One morning early this year, Mr Hardi travelled to Patrisius’ home and was waiting outside when they woke. He was welcomed in and Patrisius and his wife sat with him. They talked about the opportunities a new year brings to make a fresh start. Patrisius asked him, “Is there anything from… Read More
  • Going Deeper - March 2017

    21 March, 2017

    Dear Friends, Welcome to the March edition of Going Deeper. This month our partners all give praise because they attended the Partnering Together for Stronger Communities conference in Thailand! Thank you for your prayers and support for our partners. It is greatly appreciated. India Hosanna Ministries, Kiron Gaikwad Praise God: For His provision and protection around the children and staff members. Everyone is in good health. Continue to pray for those suffering minor illnesses. For the 10 girls who are undergoing tailoring classes under our Vocational Training project. Pray For: The location, as well as for good teachers, of our future daycare centre for slum children. Indigenous Ministries Australia P raise God: That Sonny Graham is recovering from his head operation, which appears to be successful. Please pray for a complete recovery for Sonny. Pray For: The church in Norseman. Pray that the people will attend services. Pray that Sunday School will… Read More
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