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  • In Partnership - February 2017

    7 February, 2017

    Welcome to In Partnership.

    We’re back for another year, with more stories of life-changing partnerships. This month, John Gilmore reflects on the recent GMP trip to India, observing signs of growth in our partner churches.

    “These changes and the energy of the churches were encouraging to see and experience. Yes, there are challenges, and much that can still be developed, but there are signs of new life.” – John Gilmore

    Our Spotlight features GMP partners Dave Powell and Kate Appleby, who are working in association with IMA as school chaplains in the Kimberly communities of Millijiddee and Noonkanbah, Western Australia. We also hear from Nick wight, IMA Coordinator East, simple, practical ways to journey towards healing and blessing for all Australians this year. 

    All this and more in this edition of In Partnership!

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    Signs of New Life

    A few days ago, I returned from two weeks in India. Most of that time was spent with a group of Australians visiting GMP mission settings. Any visit to India is challenging. The contrasts between Australia and India are significant, with the numbers of people, traffic chaos, unexpected changes in airline schedules, different food and even a group of monkeys walking across the stage during the program at Baramati. We were welcomed with wonderful hospitality and were received with warmth and grace, and left encouraged by people’s commitment to their faith, often in the face of hostility. 

    Taking Flight at First Light

    GMP partners with Dave Powell and Kate Appleby who are working in association with IMA as school chaplains in the Kimberly communities of Millijiddee and Noonkanbah, Western Australia. Using a private aeroplane, Dave and Kate fly out from Derby at first light (around 4am) to these Indigenous communities to work with the staff and primary aged children during class time. There they offer versatile support including counsel for troubled kids, running sessions on emotional well-being, attending local sports days and interschool sports competitions. Dave and Kate also provide an after school care program involving sport, craft, stories and snacks. “Our job is rich and rewarding and the demands on us vary greatly!”

    Blessing Our Land in 2017

    “If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time.
    But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” —Lilla Watson (Aboriginal Queensland Elder)

    Indigenous Ministries Australia (IMA) is committed to live and work for the equality of all, to join with the redeeming and healing work of God’s Spirit towards restoration for the First Peoples of our land. The following ten ‘First Steps’ are practical ways we can choose to journey towards healing and blessing for our land and for all Australians this year: