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  • Going Deeper - December 2016

    20 December, 2016

    Dear Friends, 

    Welcome to the December edition of Going Deeper. Thank you for your prayers and support for our partners throughout 2016. It is greatly appreciated. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday season. 

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    Fiji Community Churches of Christ, Bruce Edwards


    Praise God:

    • For the gift it has been to have Vipin and Irene Narayan ministering at the Nakasi Church, bringing much needed wisdom, leadership, encouragement and stability. Vipin and Irene will be spending more time with children and grandchildren in Australia and New Zealand during 2017. 
    • That Vuci Rd pastor Raj Deo has obtained his driver's license, and praise God for the driving instructor who gave a significant discount on lessons out of respect for Raj wanting to acquire this skill "at such an old age.” 
    • For the approval given for the extension and renovation work at Vuci Rd, and we look forward to seeing that commence early in 2017.
    • For the ongoing support and encouragement we have received this year from new and long-term partners across Australia. We are growing with a sense of team and unity that has emerged as we have continued to journey together. 

    Pray For:

    • Ongoing coaching and capacity building in the areas of leadership, preaching and pastoral ministry.
    • The investment in developing goals around this vision for each of our churches in the New Year. We really value your prayers for God's leading in this process and fruitful outcomes.
    • The provision of a suitable person to take on a more full-time pastoral role at the Nakasi Church from March 2017 onwards.


    ICP Associate Partners, Geon Homes and Asia Gospel Mission, Dr Chae


    Pray For:

    • One of our babies. Har Neul requires hospital care every week.
    • Dr Chae’s older brother, Yoon Mo. He has worked with Dr Chae most of his life and is now seriously ill.

    Papua New Guinea

    Melanesian Evangelical Churches of Christ (MECOC) and Pioneer Bible Translators (PBT), La’o Curriculum Project, Martha Wade


    Praise God:

    • That PBT is currently working on putting the La’o New Testament into a phone app. That will be fun to distribute sometime in the future, but requires lots of work to do before then.

    Pray For:

    • Martha who in three weeks will head to Grengebu and meet with Silas Gibe (MECOC Literacy Coordinator) to teach the last week of the E1 Teacher training course. Please pray that the participants will actually come for the course and that the three teachers will take the E1 teaching kits home with them and use them in 2017.  Pray that nothing will happen to prevent Martha from going to teach the course.

    South Sudan 

    South Sudan Emmanuel Children Program, Paulino Malou


    Pray For:

    • Paulino, whose mother passed away in November. He was confident that she died in the hope of the resurrection. Please keep Paulino and his family in your prayers.


    The Eleventh District of the Church of Christ, Prasit Tongtuswattana 


    Praise God:

    That Prasit is looking forward to his January holiday and camping with his family!

    Pray For:

    • All the final meetings for the year – including reports and documentation.
    • Christmas Carols event for the Governor at Nakhon Pathom on December 23. 
    • The Plang Church and Aom Yai Chapel Christmas Celebration on December 24.


    Bright Solutions, Fiona Briers


    Praise God:

    • That we’re entering a quiet period. 
    • That team leaders are now focused on specific training for machinists.
    • For your prayerful partnership during 2016. 

    Pray For:

    • A number of women who have been ill recently. Pray for rest and refreshment for all the team over the New Year break.  
    • Women to acquire new skills of quality through training, and have the confidence to use their new skills.
    • The true meaning of Christmas to be understood and embraced by churches and communities in Vietnam.


    Showers of Blessing, Boniface Mpofu


    Pray For:

    • The communities who have benefited from new boreholes. Pray that this would be a memorable festive season, where they will experience a living God through this wonderful gift of water.
    • A good rainy season – as the low yielding bores are running out of water.
    • Peace in rural Zimbabwe, so that community members can continue to farm and produce food without political interference.
    • Our wonderful work of providing much needed water in rural communities. Pray the work continues, as the project is eradicating waterborne diseases and reducing long walking distances for this precious commodity.