Together, we can change lives through livelihood initiatives

Mid Year Appeal 17

In South Sudan, many communities still use hand tools to farm. This is a long and hard process, but there is no other choice for people who rely on farming to provide food and income. The ground only stays soft enough to plough by hand for three days after it has rained. Even though the soil is rich, much time and productivity is lost waiting for rain. 

But thanks to your support, this is changing. In Mayen Tiit, an isolated community in South Sudan, one project is providing farmers with oxen, ploughs, and the training needed to use them. This can increase the productivity of their land tenfold, as farmers don’t have to spend hours ploughing by hand. 

Your support of livelihood initiatives, like the Ploughs Project, has an immediate impact and creates ongoing change. Livelihood initiatives provide a source of income so that people have the opportunity to pay for health care and education, rather than relying on organisations like GMP. These initiatives give people independence, dignity, and the power to make their own decisions. 

This is only one example of how your support changes lives through livelihood initiatives. 

In Vietnam, Bright Solutions employs vulnerable women. It provides practical training in handicrafts, and a community where the women are valued. The employment and training they receive helps them move towards a more financially secure future. 

The Church of Christ in Thailand is establishing chicken farms to create income for poor minority communities around Chiang Mai. Families receive support and training to set up their farm. The income from their farm means necessities like health and education become realities for their families. 

Your generosity offers people a chance to earn their own living and support their family. Please give now, so that more lives can be changed.

Let’s bring change together!