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South Sudan: Mayen Tiit Primary School

When the local primary school collapsed in 2006, girls and younger boys lost the opportunity for education. They could not travel to more remote villages to attend school. The community has worked hard making bricks for a new school and only need help to purchase timber, concrete and roofing iron.

The Mayen Tiit Primary School closed in 2006 after the repeated collapse of the traditional buildings.  Most of the boys have been able to attend schools nearby, but the girls have been kept at home without access to education. GMP has agreed to raise funds for the construction of new classrooms that will allow the school to re open, providing 225 girls with the opportunity to attend school.

Over 200 girls are on the Principal's waiting list, keen to be allowed to attend school. The whole community is behind the project and even older women are asking for adult education classes.

Thus far an office and storeroom building is almost complete - awaiting plastering for the inside walls.  As funds allow, the building of classrooms will follow.