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South Sudan: Maternal Health

South Sudan has a very high infant mortality rate and the UN reports South Sudan has the worst maternal mortality rates in the world. In remote areas such as Malek Alel, Marialbai and Lainya County, medical services are very scarce and traditional midwives are the only support for the majority of women during pregnancy and child-birth.   The lack of professional knowledge and resources, and primitive birthing practices leads to high mortality and morbidity.




Maternal Health Project

The establishment of a Midwives Training School in Aweil

The establishment of a Midwives Training School has been initiated at the request of local maternal health care providers.  Ongoing consultation has included among others, Traditional Midwives from South Sudan now living in Australia, the Ministry of Health in Northern Bahr Al Ghazal and Lainya County and senior staff of Medicens Sans Frontiers.  A property has been renovated for use as a training centre. The first group of 20 enthusiastic students has completed their first year of studies. They have all done well in the practicums. By the end of 2015 this first cohort of Sudan-trained midwives will graduate and be sharing their skills and saving lives.

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