Global Mission Partners

"In partnership we can make a difference"

Lucinda and Sarita in Vietnam

Our time in Vietnam encouraged, inspired and challenged us. We got to know the women working in Bright Solutions and heard some of their stories. It was really confronting, especially the story of one woman who is close to our age. Hearing the struggles she faced every day before she came to Bright Solutions, such as not being able to afford to eat, caused us to question the way we live in Australia and if we love our neighbours in need the way God calls us to. We are still grappling with this.

It was so exciting to see 'fair trade' in action. It is clear that Bright Siolutions is more than just a job for these women. It is a place where they can learn life skills; a place where they are truly cared for and loved. The women love working there! We were told many times by the women that Bright Solutions has provided them with stability, which is so important.

We are grateful for the time we spent with Bright solutions, we learned so much and it is a vist we will never forget!

Lucinda Mance and Sarita Hales, NSW