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Change your Lifestyle

Now we live in a global village.  Now we are very aware of what if happening in the world around us.  Now we know that the way we live at home affects the lives of people who are poor and oppressed all over the world.

So here are some ways of being involved in global mission without leaving home.  Beware they may be more challenging than you think!


Buy Fair Trade

The Fair Trade label guarantees that the producer of the goods received a fair price for their crop.  Fair Trade tea, coffee and chocolate are available in most supermarkets.  Learn more about Fair Trade.

Consume Ethically

Make choices that reflect what you believe about justice and fairness. Our Guide to Ethical Consuming gives you the tools to decide well.

From the cotton in our jeans to the components in our phones, we are all too often the beneficiaries of slave labour. Find out which clothing companies care about a living wage by checking the Ethical Fashion Guide .

Shop Ethically

The Ethical Supermarket Guide lets you know which of the companies on the supermarket shelf produce their goods ethically.  Shop with the guide to send them a message to treat their workers and the environment with due care.

Buy a COCOA Great Gift

COCOA gifts give something to someone who really needs it.  See the COCOA Great Gift Catalogue for ideas.

Buy a Bright Solutions Gift

Products produced by Bright Solutions help marginalised women in Vietnam build their skills and the ability to care for themselves.  They are beautifully made and their bright colours will delight any child.  See the Bright Solutions Catalogue.

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End of Greed

The “End of Greed: Consuming as if God, People & the Planet Matter” is a 5 part book, small group Bible study and preaching series that will help you grapple with what it means to be a follower of Jesus in a consumer culture.

The End of Greed has been produced by Baptist World Aid Australia and is endorsed by GMP as a high quality discipleship resource for you and your community. More on the End of Greed.

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