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Learning on Many Levels (India)

Ashwood Memorial Hospital is a small hospital in rural Maharashtra, India, home to three impressive doctors and a complex, dynamic community. The people at Ashwood kindly took me and a friend in for two months, while we were on a practical placement as part of our medical degree. They taught us Marathi and Hindi so we could communicate with those around us, albeit poorly. Even at the end of the second month we still had people chuckling with every “dhanyavad” (‘thank you’ in Hindi), which may have been because of our appalling Australian distortion of their language, how often we used it (to the point where the word just became mush in our mouths) or, most probably, both! But more than that, they taught us the paramount importance of culture, respect, friendship and binning rubbish.

My friend and I learnt a great deal of medicine over those two months, but we also had a lot of fun and made friendships which will last for many years yet. We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped us make our placement phenomenal.

Cassidy Campbell, NSW