"In partnership we can make a difference"

Thailand - Klong Toey

In 2002, Urban Neighbours of Hope (UNOH) first moved into Bangkok’s largest and most notorious slum called Klong Toey. The team chooses to live and work in one of the poorest communities in the city, believing that simply by loving and intentionally serving their neighbours they can be instruments of healing and hope.

Some of the ways UNOH serves its community is through partnering with local preschools to support the educational program, strengthening families by accompanying them through times of crisis like incarceration or medical emergencies, and conducting trainings for personal and professional development. Youth are being mentored in life skills and given work experience through the "Pioneers" apprenticeship scheme. Children are taken on “Kids Club” excursions outside the slum to broaden their horizons. Families with special needs children receive support and help to access medical services.

A key objective is to facilitate the creation of new small-scale businesses and to provide Klong Toey youth with first job experiences. COCOA continues to work with UNOH to open up a wider range of options for the residents of Klong Toey who are encouraged to be agents of further support, not just a beneficiaries.

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Thailand - UNOH