"In partnership we can make a difference"


Why would a church use Global Mission Partners?

  • As a Church of Christ agency, GMP is accountable to Australian Churches of Christ
  • As a Church of Christ agency, Australian Churches of Christ have the ability to shape the mission of GMP
  • GMP has established relationships with Church of Christ partners across the world
  • Churches don’t need to set up their own partners and deal with church structures and hierarchies, GMP has already done that
  • Churches can have confidence that the overseas partner works with integrity, is effective and shares their core values
  • Church can engage in both evangelistic and church mission projects as well as community development projects through GMP
  • GMP’s community development projects are connected with our church mission projects so the gospel is preached in word and in deed together
  • GMP’s community development projects are tax deductible
  • GMP can help your church build a relationship with an overseas partner so that global mission becomes personal
  • GMP’s community development projects are creative and responsive to the needs in the most needy areas of the world
  • Through GMP your church can be involved in a quality short term mission experience which opens up people’s horizons and engages them more deeply in mission here and overseas
  • GMP can connect your church with real and practical ways to be involved in advocacy and to take justice seriously
  • GMP can resource your church to find ways to live a lifestyle that reflects the state of God’s world and furthers God’s mission.

Our church doesn’t use Global Mission Partners,
should we feel guilty?

  • GMP recognises that churches get involved in global mission through personal connections and personal connection is important
  • GMP aims to foster a global mission partnership for every church, whether or not the overseas partner is a Church of Christ organisation
  • GMP is happy to encourage global mission through whatever agency your church is connected with.

What are some bad ways to be involved in mission?

  • Use an agency that you don’t know anything about
  • Only give money and don’t find out who you are helping and how
  • Give people stuff that makes them look to you every year for more
  • Don’t consider how local people can be increasingly involved in shaping the direction of mission in their own country
  • Send Westerners to do mission without considering local needs, culture and aspirations.

What are some bad ways to give money overseas?

  • Take money with you and hand out cash
  • Give to the needs that you see without asking anyone local for the big picture
  • Give so you can get your photo taken putting a smile on someone else’s face

What are some good ways to give money overseas?

  • Use a reputable agency like GMP
  • Get GMP to do the transfer so you get a better exchange rate and better security for your money
  • Get GMP to do the transfer and be assured that there are proper accountability processes in place
  • Make sure that you pay your way if you are being hosted by an overseas partner
  • Take time to think about where your gift can have the most impact and where you can be most involved personally.

What are some good ways to visit a partner overseas?

  • Eat the food they offer you and enjoy it and tell them that you are enjoying it
  • Bring a small Australian gift
  • Make sure you pay your way, particularly if you are given accommodation, food or transport
  • Learn a bit of their language and use it even though you sound silly
  • Watch the way that they do thing and try to fit in and do things their way
  • Don’t suggest new ways of doing things until you understand why they do it the current way.

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