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False Profits


Join with GMP and Baptist World Aid Australia as we campaign to end the false profits of multinational corporations in order to bring justice to the poor and liberate the enslaved.

A singular focus on maximising profits, has led multinational corporations to act unethically and avoid paying their fair share of tax. More than 160 billion dollars is lost each year from developing countries due to illegal corporate tax evasion. This is significantly more money than is given to developing countries in aid. Christian Aid estimates that if this money was not stolen from developing countries, 350,000 child lives would be saved each year.

Catalyst is an advocacy program facilitated by Baptist World Aid Australia and endorsed by GMP that encourages churches and small groups to meet together and learn, pray and take action on global justice issues.


1. Form a Catalyst group to begin learning and praying about issues of tax justice.
2. Speak out to politicians about how we can end false profits!.
3. Download resources from Catalyst to educate your friends and advocate to politicians.