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South Sudan - Emmanuel Children's Program

“It takes a whole village to raise a child” and when there are up to 410 children – it takes the contribution of a lot of people!

As a result of the civil war in Sudan, many children have been left orphaned and totally dependent on their relatives and the wider community to provide their basic needs.  The whole country is suffering depleted infrastructure and extreme poverty so the community has few resources to provide adequate care for these orphans.

Marialbai Emmanuel Children’s Program aims to provide holistic care to children who have lost their parents through the civil war.  This program will relieve the pressure on the community and will also bring a sense of hope seeing the development in the children of their heroes. The program provides nutrition, education, health care, accommodation and social development.  Marialbai is in the north west of South Sudan, less than 100km from the Sudanese border.

The aims of the program are to provide one nutritious meal per day for 410 children; operate a school for up to 410 children from grade 1 through grade 7; provide first aid kits and training; provide student accommodation and to develop a community-based organisation to manage this and other activities. Christian Mercy International (CMI) was registered in September, 2016, and now cares for the CMI Ploughs project as well as Emmanuel.

 Women are included on the management committee reinforcing their nurturing role as well as that of providing food.  Brick machines provide a means of construction that doesn’t deplete the scarce supply of timber.  This also means there will be minimal environmental impact on a region that has already suffered greatly. The community has been able to produce enough bricks to turn Emmanuel from a UTS (under tree school!) to one with weather-proof classrooms.

The provision of education ensures the children are developed socially and allows them to make a positive contribution within society with the aim of self-sufficiency.

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