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Easter Appeal

As we approach Easter we reflect on Jesus’ death for us. God loved us so much that he sacrificed his son for our sins. How life-changing is it to know God’s great love for us?

Did you know your monthly gift of $35 could change lives by sharing the message of Jesus with people for the very first time?

I’d like to tell you about Mr Hardi. Because of your support, Mr Hardi’s life was changed by hearing about Jesus for the first time.

Last year, Mr Hardi met Patrisius, a young evangelist supported by GMP. They formed a good friendship, and Patrisius would often visit Mr Hardi at his home to talk about many things. During this time Patrisius began to tell Mr Hardi about Jesus, but he could not accept Jesus as Lord. However, when Mr Hardi was facing family troubles he felt compelled him to share it with Patrisius. He believed that Patrisius could help him. Through Patrisuius help and support, Mr Hardi accepted Jesus as Lord.
Without your support, Mr Hardi would not have met someone like Patrisius and heard the life-changing message of Jesus. Just $35 a month enables people like Mr Hardi, and others who have never heard the message of Jesus, to have their lives transformed. Now, Patrisius and his wife are working to help Mr Hardi with his family. 

You can read more of Mr Hardi’s story here. This is only one of many story’s showing how God is working through people like Patrisius around the world. 

Give now to change lives through the gospel.