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Vietnam Overview

Quick Facts

Population: 92 million

Capital: Hanoi (2.6 million)

Population Growth: 1.03%

Life expectancy: 75 years

Languages: Vietnamese (official)

Population under 14 years of age: 24.6%

Religion: None (80%) some Christian and Buddhist minorities

Human Development Index Ranking: 127

Living Below the Poverty Line: 11.3%

GDP Per Capita: $1,596 (US)

GMP Partner: The United Churches of Christ in Vietnam

History of Churches of Christ in Vietnam:
Churches of Christ Overseas Aid in South East Asia (COCOA SE Asia) commenced humanitarian projects in 2005. Bright Solutions was formally established to 2010.

Vietnam is located in the centre of the Southeast Asia. Shaped like the letter ‘S’ it stretches 1,600 kilometres north to south, but is only around 40 kilometres wide at its narrowest point near the country's centre. Vietnam's identity has been shaped by long-running conflicts, both internally and with foreign forces. Despite Vietnam’s rapid economic advancements over the past decade and its continuing growth in the professional sector, most of the population remains in the unskilled manual labour workforce, living day to day on unstable, meagre incomes. Limited education, health issues, social stigmas and taboos, the historical effects of war continue to trap many in the vicious cycle of poverty.

Projects in Vietnam

Church and Leadership Development

With the new opportunity for house churches to be registered nationally, Vietnam churches need good, strong leadership to build up strong churches and strong people.

More about Church Leadership and Development here

Bright Solutions


Bright Solutions was formally established in 2010 to provide employment to single mothers, widows, low skilled or unemployed women. Through developing sewing skills and conversational English, Bright Solutions aims to increase their employment opportunities and self-confidence to empower these women and their families to move towards financial independence.

More about Bright Solutions

Churches of Christ Overseas Aid in South East Asia (COCOA SE Asia)


Aid and development programs such as housing construction and clean water projects in Binh Phuoc Province, located 150 km north-west from Ho Chi Minh City, has been the main focus of COCOA SE Asia which commenced in 2005. A new partnership with the Binh Phuoc Association for the Disabled, the Poor and Orphans brings special attention to the needs of the poorest members of the community.

COCOA South East Asia is working to provide life with dignity for disabled people in Minority Villages in Binh Phuoc Province.


Church-to-Church Partnerships

  • Happy Valley Church of Christ in South Australia has begun to develop a link with different church projects in Vietnam.

Click here for more information about how your church can be involved in Church-to-Church Partnerships!


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