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Indonesia Overview

Quick Facts

Population: 251 million

Capital: Jakarta (9.1 million)

Life expectancy: 69.3 years

Languages: Bahasa Indonesia (official)

Human Development Index (2011): 124

Religions: Muslim (86%), Christian (8%) and Hindu (2%)

GMP Partner: The Christian Church: Churches of Christ in Indonesia

History of the Churches of Christ in Indonesia:
GMP formally entered into partnership with Indonesia in 2011. This new relationship builds on contacts that have grown over recent years and a foundation laid in the past by Australian missionaries. Today there are more than 280 local churches and church planting projects.

Indonesia is the world's third most populous democracy and home to the world's largest Muslim population. Current issues include: alleviating poverty, improving education, implementing economic and financial reforms, stemming corruption and controlling infectious diseases.

Projects in Indonesia

Church and Leadership Development

Today there are more than 280 local Churches of Christ churches and church planting projects. The life of the churches in Indonesia centres around three places of influence on Java:

Asia Pacific Christian Mission International (APCMI) in Bandung

APCMI equips local Christians in evangelism and church planting through their missionary training school. 163 churches and preaching posts have been established despite persecution. They also have an associated Christian radio ministry and an effective prison ministry.


The ministry in Yogyakarta grew out of the APCMI church planting ministry. Paulus Wibowo established Maguwo Indonesia Church of Christ and with great vision has mapped a plan to reach the unreached people groups across Indonesia. Each established Church of Christ is encouraged to adopt and pray for an unreached people group.

LEMKERSA Churches of Christ

Besides offering a four year training program in Christian ministry, the Indonesian Church of Christ Theological School (CCTSI ) in Salatiga is involved in community projects including breeding goats, offering a free health clinic and a tutoring program for children. Early this year, the Director of CCTSI had the opportunity to visit a churches in Central Sulawesi and provide encouragement as they bring transformation to their communities.

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Church-to-Church Partnerships

  • The One2One Church of Christ in Ballarat, Victoria is investing in the college at Salatiga
  • Stirling College in Victoria
  • Vic-Tas Conference of Churches of Christ.

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