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India Overview

Quick Facts

Population: 1.2 billion (2013 est.)

Capital: New Delhi (21.7 million)

Life Expectancy: 65 years

Languages: Hindi, Bengali, English

Human Development Index (2011): 134

Religions: Hindu (80%), Muslim (13%), Christian (2%)

Living Below the Poverty Line: 30%

GDP Per Capita: $1,489 (US)

GMP Partner: Conference of Churches of Christ in Western India

History of the Churches of Christ in India:
GMP has partnered with India since 1891 with the sending of Mary Thompson, the first Australian Churches of Christ missionary. The primary mission involvement has been with the lowest caste group, the Dalits.

India is the world’s largest democracy and the second most populous country. It is a country of contrasts. India is becoming known for its growing technology and manufacturing industries, but the gap between the rich and poor is vast. The Hindu caste system still undergirds Indian society. Access to clean water, basics health and employment is still not a reality for millions of people. Growing problems such as over population, environmental degradation, limited health and education services and extensive poverty are some of the challenges to be faced in coming years.

Projects in India

Hosanna Ministries/Gnyan Sampada Residential School (formerly Ankoor Children's Home)

Kiron and Nalini Gaikwad commenced ministry among the tribal people of Yavatmal in 1985. In 2002, Kiron established Ankoor Home (now known as Gnyan Sampada Residential School), a boarding school for village children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend school. Only 2% of the wider community is literate.

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Hosanna Ministries - Vocational Training

Hosanna Ministries is providing vocational training for young people whose education has not yet equipped them for life.

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Ashwood Memorial Hospital

Ashwood Memorial Hospital (AMH), established in 1927 in central Maharashtra, is a 40 bed rural hospital providing affordable medical care to the poorest and most vulnerable in the community. It services Daund and 50 villages within a radius of 50 kilometres. Community health programs include support for people living with AIDS, weekly diabetes clinics and women’s and children’s health care programs.

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