"In partnership we can make a difference"

Church Partnership Project


The Conference of Churches of Christ Vanuatu consists of over 80 churches spread from Santo in the north to Tanna in the south. Mrs Esline Toa has recently been appointed the first female General Secretary of the Conference.

Vanuatu Church Partnership Project 

The churches in Vanuatu are the strongest civil society network in the country. Working together they can be the most effective change agents. The Churches of Christ Conference is part of the Vanuatu Church Partnership Program (VCPP) which aims to build the capacity of members and initiate community development projects through them.

The VCPP has contributed to the skills of the Conference through training in budgetting and in Monitoring and Evaluation. Community development projects have included youth engagement activities, forestry and ecological awareness-raising, and income-generating activities in fuel supply and poultry raising.

Currently GMP is helping to fund the position of VCPP Coordinator. The coordinator convenes meetings and workshops for coordination and training. The most recent of these was on gender equality. The convenor’s role also includes linking the churches and exploring potential funding sources. 



Our thanks to the
Australian Government for
their support of this project.