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Zimbabwe - Church and Leadership Development

The practical works of GMP directly impacts on the understanding of locals about God's love for His people. This leads to a desire to know more about God and a desire for churches to be built in their local areas, often remote or rural places where there are few active churches.

Despite the hardships in Zimbabwe, the Associated Churches of Christ in Zimbabwe (ACCZ) has numerous churches in an area of Matabeleland, between the cities of Bulawayo, Gweru and Masvingo, which are flourishing. Highly qualified professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers who would once rarely be seen going to church are now joining in regularly for worship.

The growth of churches combined with the lack of resources to pay for full-time pastors means that many serve between 4 to 8 churches. These churches are often geograhically distant and difficult to access by foot. There is a need for more pastors and evangelists to minister to the growing churches and for these church leaders to have more regular contact with their rural congregations.

ICP helps build the capacity of local people in ministry by supporting key leaders and developing leadership skills. We are also responding to their cry for help by equip them to reach their ministry settings.

Church Support - Zimbabwe


Partner with us in supporting key leaders and evangelists in Zimbabwe and see the church grow!

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Evangelists and Motorcycles - Zimbabwe


Help to buy a motorcycle (or two!) for pastors and evangelists like Nyika Mashindi so that they can reach and serve their congregations more effectively.

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Training Student Pastors - Zimbabwe


Sponsor a student like Elson Ngazimbi to study at Zimbabwe Christian College in Harare or the Theological College of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo and help nurture a new generation of pastors and ministers for the churches in Zimbabwe.

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