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PNG: Church and Leadership Development


Church Support: ICP focuses on empowering the MECOC (Melanesian Evangelical Churches of Christ) leadership and working with them on strategies to grow their own capacities in leadership.  There are also ICP projects helping people to read the Bible in their own language, training church treasurers, women’s ministry training and training leaders for children’s ministry.  The Bible College at Gandep is the centre for a large network of Churches of Christ.



The churches are located in one of the most remote settings in PNG. There is no easy access to most of the churches. Travel is by canoe or foot. Communication is by radio (when they work!). Churches continue to plant churches. When there is a regional renewal or teaching program, hundreds and hundreds of people come – sometimes walking for several days!


  • Subiaco Church of Christ, Western Australia
  • HumeRidge Church of Christ, Queensland

ICP will:

  • Resource Youth, Family, Women, and Children ministries and the administration needed: $18,000
  • Support church and leadership development: $26,000
  • Develop discipleship training and teaching Ministries: $10,000

Church Support - Papua New Guinea


Build up the capacity of the local church in Papua New Guinea.

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Training Student Pastors - Papua New Guinea


Will you support students like Timothy with their bible college fees and the costs of travelling to their ministry settings?

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