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Fiji - Church and Leadership Development

The first Australian Churches of Christ mission workers came to Fiji in the 1990's with a specific focus of reaching out into the Indo-Fijian comunity. In the years since, churches have been planted and while some have struggled, others are moving to self-governance and self-sustainability. Today, whilst retaining a particular sensitivity to ministry among people of Indian background, there is a growing desire to be a church for all Fijians.  There are cultural and race relationship issues, including fear and mistrust of one another, which we believe the Gospel can help us overcome, but the journey is a challenging one.

ICP's primary focus in Fiji is on working with the existing churches towards a healthy, sustainable and self-reliant future, both financially and in the development of mature local leadership. We support local pastors by subsidising their salaries and also provide for maintenance and upkeep of church buildings.