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Vietnam - Bright Solutions

Established in 2009, Bright Solutions Vietnam is designed to develop employment and business skills and to train vulnerable women in handcraft and general work skills in order to break through the poverty cycle.

Bright Solutions makes exquisite, intricate and bright handcrafts. Made with fabrics unique to Vietnam, clever activity books and cute toys and decorations are made with great attention to detail and quality in an atmosphere of hope and affirmation – a sharp contrast to the prior experiences of the women. Bright Solutions products are marketed in Australia through GMP and can be purchased on line at www.brightsolutionsvietnam.com

Since commencing, opportunities have opened for employment in home help and handicrafts.  Training has also been given in the area of financial independence and basic computer skills.  The focus on skills learnt and how to develop suitable work options for low-skill workers has led to expanding craft options.

Some staff are now equipped and ready to initiate their own small businesses.

Introduction to Bright Solutions:

Bright Solutions Vietnam from GMP Communications on Vimeo.


Bright Solutions Handcraft and Micro-Finance Project

COCOA is Partnering with Bright Solutions to provide employment to single mothers, widows, low skilled or unemployed women, Bright Solutions aims to increase their work skills, job prospects and self-confidence, thus empowering them and their families to move towards financial independence.  The micro-finance arm of the projects helps women get started in their own business by providing a sewing machine and other start-up costs.

To be part of this vital program visit www.brightsolutionsvietnam.com or donate below:

Vietnam - Bright Solutions