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South Sudan: Bongibot Agricultural Project

In the Kenyi Payam district, in the fertile hills close to the Ugandan border, four sections of land have been provided for agricultural enterprises to generate food security, agricultural development, employment and finance for community development initiatives.

Kenyi Payam continues to experience extreme poverty as a direct result of civil war. Agricultural development ceased during the civil war and continues to be severely restricted, leaving the community with little opportunity for food security, employment, income generation, or the ability to finance basic community development.

The Payam is divided into four Bomas with a combined population of 85,000. There are three primary schools, no secondary schools, and three clinics that are staffed by a nurse who can provide basic medical assistance. The region was a major conflict zone from 1983 until 2005, which halted development and restricted agriculture severely due to land mines.

The land is extremely fertile but people lack knowledge and equipment for modern farming practices. The project aims to equip people with these skills through the four models fams, training and providing key equipment.  Any return from the farms will be poured into community projects in the area.

A COCOA Great Gift of a tractor in 2014 means that the lands of four local communities can now be cultivated, harrowed and turned into productive agricultural fields. In 2015, we are looking forward to building a large shed to house equipment and store produce. We would value your ongoing support through your prayers and financial contributions.

South Sudan - Bongibot