Global Mission Partners

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A gift that lives

It is a very special moment when we in the Global Mission Partners office receive a notification of a bequest. First, we identify the person and honour their life, and decision to give a gift of support for the ministry of GMP. Second, as we add their name to the Bequest Register and deposit the gift in the Bequest Reserve and note the purpose of the gift in the register, we have hope for the future activities of GMP.


Bequests are about the future. Generosity in the allocation of an estate enables growth in the ministry of GMP in the future. These gifts and bequests are enabling the future ministry of GMP.

GMP Policy

GMP has a policy of investing the capital gift of an estate in a fund where its value is maintained through the reinvestment of a percentage of the income earned. The remainder of the income of the bequest fund is applied to the work of GMP in accordance with the terms of the bequest. The name of the person or persons whose estate the gift is from is added to the GMP Bequest Register.

Form of Words for Bequests

A recommended form of words, should you wish to include the Australian Churches of Christ Global Mission Partners in a bequest, is as follows:

I give to the Board of the Australian Churches of Christ Global Missions Partners Ltd ABN 30 455 408 814, PO Box 341 TORRENSVILLE PLAZA South Australia 5031 (insert details of the sum of money, percentage of the estate or description of property or asset you intend to give) to be used for (insert specific instructions as per list below) and the receipt of the Executive Officer or other proper officer of the Board of the Australian Churches of Christ Global Missions Partners Ltd. shall be a complete discharge to my executors.

You might like to consider these specific instructions for your bequest...

  • International Church Partnership fund
  • Churches of Christ Overseas Aid fund
  • Indigenous Ministries Australia fund
  • A particular country where GMP has partnerships
  • A specific purpose such as training of leaders, care of children, provision of clean water etc.