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The Bandarban Hills Churches of Christ, a group of small churches in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, face difficulties in their setting as they are a minority twice over - Christians in a predominantly Muslim setting and indigenous Bawm people in a predominantly Bengali population. Despite having little in terms of material resources, they have the courage, faithfulness and compassion to reach the Mru people, who are mostly Buddhist or animists. They do this through preaching, providing education, and also through song! There have been professions of faith and baptisms among the Mru due to this passionate outreach ministry.

To support the work of the Bandarban Churches of Christ, ICP supports 7 evangelists and subsidises the pastoral salary of the General Secretary, Vana Bawm. We also build local capacity by subsidising training costs for students.



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Reach the Mru community with the Good News!

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