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Bangladesh - Thlaituah

Hostels give young people access to secondary school.

The Bandarban Hills Region of Bangladesh has a population of over 300,000 with a literacy rate of 42%. Despite Government policies many villages have no schools and there is virtually no access to secondary education except in regional centres.

Although the cost of secondary education in regional centres is relatively low, the cost of living is not.  Hostels are now providing affordable accommodation along with a conducive study environment for over 80 students from remote villages to attend high school in one of two regional centres. Students from some of the poorest, least developed and politically marginalized groups in Bangladesh have access to a high school education.



Thlaituah - Generating Local Income

The  new Thlaituah project aims to improve the sustainability of the hostels both financially and organisationally. Hostel staff and children are being trained in areas of Child Protection, Disaster risk Reduction. The Thlaituah farmland adjoining Rwangchary hostel will be developed to provide an additional income stream.

Overall the project provides participants with the opportunity to break the cycle of early drop-out from education which results in a high percentage returning to subsistence farming, early marriage and in some cases substance abuse. The education provided through the project gives potential for employment and a greater contribution to the wider community.


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